ZoneFlex Outdoor

ZoneFlex 7781-CM

Highest performing 3x3:3 strand-mounted 802.11n Smart Wi-Fi access point with integrated cable modem

ZoneFlex 7781-CM 3D

The Ruckus ZoneFlex™ 7781CM is the highest performing 3x3:3 strand-mounted access point that combines dual-band 802.11n patented smart antenna array technology with an integrated DOCSIS 3.0, EuroDOCSIS and Japan certified modem to deliver unprecedented range and reliability for multiple system cable operators (MSOs).

The ZoneFlex 7781CM is ideal for MSOs expanding branded broadband services throughout their coverage area. The Ruckus 7781CM is a lightweight access point with a minimal form factor that can be easily installed and integrated with the cable operator’s HFC network. It leverages existing cable assets, including mounting, power, backhaul and customer service systems to quickly and easily extend wireless services to cable operators’ customers.