Mobile World Congress

Meeting the High Capacity Density Challenge in Today's Mobile Networks.

Booth 5E41 – Hall #5 at the Fira Gran Via.

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Mobile networks are being overwhelmed with data traffic that is being consumed by smartphones and cellular attached laptops and tablets. This is certainly a well understood phenomenon that has been chronicled by MNOs in all geographies. The approaches for adding much needed network capacity include greater spectral efficiency, more spectrum, and much higher spectral reuse. While all three tools are part of the MNO toolkit, none offers as much network capacity as the hyper densification that comes with very high spectral reuse. The mobile data challenge is also very much an indoor phenomenon and there is no better way to go indoors with hyper densification then by deploying Wi-Fi. MNOs in many geographies are forging ahead with Wi-Fi deployments as part of their indoor strategy. Ruckus Wireless has been at the center of many of these deployments. Come hear about what we can do for you in this area. And for those MNOs that have not yet begun to deploy Wi-Fi and are asking when they should start? How Soon Is Now!

A big part of the indoor challenge is site acquisition. The venue owners have to be willing to allow network equipment to be deployed in their facilities. Most venues consider Wi-Fi to be mission critical, and thus it represents the perfect insertion point for MNOs looking to go indoors. The other capabilities that venues care about are neutral hosting, support for all device types, very high capacity density, location services, and managed services. The latter represents a great way to get started as the venue will actually pay the SP to deploy a Wi-Fi network. The tools now exist to offer a scalable, manageable, and profitable managed service. Come hear about what Ruckus can do for you in the area of Wi-Fi As A Service. For those that are still not sure about when to start crafting an indoor site acquisition strategy with Wi-Fi? How Soon Is Now!

A key deliverable in almost all new indoor deployment is location based services. GPS is a hugely compelling solution outdoors, but does not penetrate buildings. Many of the most desirable venues see these sorts of services as essential for improving the user experience, increasing operational efficiency, and generating incremental revenue. These include arenas, stadiums, shopping centers, hotels, convention centers, etc. Many of the most desirable locations for MNOs looking to add a great deal of new high capacity density. Come hear about how the Ruckus SmartPostioning Technology (SPoT) can address your Wi-Fi location based services needs. For those that are still thinking about when they should start offering indoor location based services? How Soon Is Now!

Networks generate an enormous amount of data on network performance that includes loading on AP's, latency, number of subscribers per AP, trends, and much more. This data can be used to optimize network performance, improve the user experience, and generate incremental revenue. This kind of technology already exists in the cellular world and now these solutions are emerging for Wi-Fi networks. Come hear what Ruckus can do for you in this area with its carrier-class SmartCell Insight Network Reporting and Analytics platform. For those that are wondering when Wi-Fi will have the same kind of management tools that exist in cellular? How Soon Is Now!

Hotspot 2.0 is an area where the Wi-Fi industry has made great strides over the last few years. All network equipment and smartphones from major vendors now support Hotspot 2.0, and the WBA's Next Generation Hotspot initiate has done a great job of proving that this can now be successfully deployed. Hotspot 2.0 enables automatic and secure Wi-Fi roaming, which will enable massive roaming consortiums to be built. Unlike cellular roaming, Wi-Fi roaming can occur across the street, across town and on the other side of the world and can include MNOs, MSOs, public venues, enterprises, etc. As roaming consortiums form with tens of thousands of partners and millions of AP's it will get much easier to monetize as people pay for ubiquitous connectivity. Come hear how Ruckus can help you to leverage the power of Hotspot 2.0 based roaming. So when is it time to start preparing for Hotspot 2.0? How Soon Is Now!